It is going to be an exciting week here at Nelson Sewing & Crafts. I've created my own blog planning pages and have put them to work. I will share them some time but I want to work with them for a while first. 

So far I have been able to plan out three weeks worth of blogs. That is really awesome for me and I am really excited to present them to you.

Each Sunday will now be a preview of the week's planned blogs. Even more exciting is the grand opening of Nelson Sewing & Crafts YouTube Channel. That's right we will soon have YouTube tutorials being brought to you each week. There are about six in the editing process right now.

My son Brian (over at Oddthought Studios) is going to present some really entertaining and fun tutorials as we build the Nelson Sewing & Crafts YouTube Channel. He is my movie making genius, unfortunately I don't know what I will do after August when he's off to college to study independent film production. 

Last but not least I will have a freebie for you for subscribing to my blog. Be sure to stay tuned to Nelson Sewing & Crafts!

Always Sewing for You,
Here is the breakdown for this week:

Mending Monday
How to Patch Jeans
(This will be the premier showing of the Nelson Sewing & Crafts YouTube Channel)

Tool Tip Tuesday
Marking Pencil
(A review of the mechanical marking pencil from Fons & Porter)

Wise Wednesday
Before You Open For Business
(Some helpful tips, hints, and thoughts before you open your home for business.)

Altered Thursday
How to Hem Men's Slacks
(Featuring second video tutorial on the Nelson Sewing & Crafts YouTube Channel)

Fun Friday
Quilt of Valor
(The project my mom and I are going to do for the Quilts of Valor organization.)

Sneak Peek Saturday
Cute Cheap Custom Tool Rack
(This is the first of sneak peeks at my sewing studio and how I organize it.)
There is a great many tutorials and videos out there on the web that show you how to hem jeans. There is one particular method that I take issue with. It involves using the original hem, cutting and reattaching it. First, it doesn't work well with flared jeans. Second, I've tried it and seems like way more work than just hemming the jeans and I don't like the result at all.

To successfully duplicate the original hem in a pair of jeans you need a few supplies:
  • Schmetz Jean/Denim Needles Size 100/16
  • Jean or denim thread in a matching color to original thread (this will go in the needle)
  • Regular thread to match the heavy thread or the color of denim (use this in the bobbin)
  • A sturdy machine which has adjustable presser foot settings to allow for sewing through thicker materials.
  • Scissors
  • Marking chalk or pencil
Basic Supplies

Happy New Year! Amazingly this past year has sped by at lightning speed. Last week I received a interesting "homework" assignment from a blog forum that I belong to called, Blogging Your Passion. The assignment was a basic reflection exercise for the past year. 

Sew. . . it is Tool Time Tuesday again. This week I am going to share with you a unique little tool that I am willing to bet you will never guess what it actually is, unless you are from a farming and livestock background, then you might have a chance at guessing what this unconventional sewing tool might be.

Finally . . . I have a Saturday where I don't have to do stuff for anybody else and hubby is out hunting. SEW . . . you know what that means? It's Sew Fun Saturday.

I am dedicating this blog to all those gift sewing divas out there. First up is this quilt to the right. The pattern is called Olde Hickory. I used black and white prints with this cool looking blue blender for the center blocks.


It's another Mending Monday here at Nelson Sewing & Crafts. Today I am going to attempt to show you my method for patching tears and holes in garments. MOSTLY. . . I patch jeans but in today's post I have this pair of heavier khaki pants handy. You can see it is a corner tear on the bottom edge of a cargo pocket. It's likely the customer caught the pocket on something causing it to tear.
An annoying corner tear on a cargo pocket.

Good day to everybody. Today is Thursday and so today's blog is called Thurday's Technique. This is the day I share some of the techniques I use in my sewing business. 

Today's post may become slightly photo intensive. I used my phone to take the photos. While that is super handy it is difficult to take a photo while trying to demonstrate something at the same time. 

When my son is done with his Eagle Scout process I am going to recruit him to take videos for me. He'll like that since he is going into film making studies next fall. 

Welcome to Wise Wednesday. This is the day I share my wisdom of the sewing business with you. I've been in this business now for more than a few years. There are many things I have learned the hard way and I don't want anyone else to have to waste time learning the hard way. I would like to think that my mind is both creative and logical but others in my household may disagree, that's okay. 

Welcome to Tool Time Tuesday. This is the day I share all my favorite tools with you. Well not literally, more informative that actual physical tools. Anyway, you know what I mean.

This week I want to show you my favorite yet simplest and most often tool I use. That's them in the photo.

When I first  decided I wanted to get into the business of sewing I didn’t know where to start. I began by doing research and discovered there were only a handful of books on the topic of sewing as a business, which I  purchased from one of my sewing catalogs. I wasn’t as internet savvy at the time and the world wide web was just beginning to take off, Google didn’t even exist at this point. (Looking back I am astounded at the progress of technology over the last 20 years).